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Microsoft Word 2016 (for Windows PC Only)

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Enhancements in Ribbon, Tabs, and Buttons

Letâs talk about the buttons first. You will see a Share button on the top right corner of the application. This is what most office workers are waiting. As mentioned earlier, this new version focuses on collaboration, and the share button allows exactly just that. By clicking this button, you may add other people to co-author in the document you are working.

It can also provide links to your file as you save it on the cloud. Plus, it allows you to send the document via email in both (.docx) and PDF format. You must note, however, that the share button can only be utilized by setting the Share button to save in cloud. You can do this by clicking the disk icon in the top left corner of the ribbon. Then choose OneDrive in the option that will appear.

Let us now go with the tabs. First, we will talk about the Design tab. This is located on the blue ribbon part of the application. This is where you can custom design your documents. You can set colors, fonts, sizes, styles, spacing, and embed watermarks in this tab.

The Insert tab is pretty much similar to the 2013 version. It remains as the current tab where you can add items to your document. You can add photos, AmartArt, headers, footers, numbering, Excel charts, and much more.

The View tab has already been improved. You can choose several options on how you want to manage multiple windows. You may set different window arrangements. You can set it to split screen or switch between windows. You can even quickly change from standard Print layout to a Web design where page breaks and margins will instantly be removed. Just a tip: this new feature works better when you are working with a touch screen computer.

Now, letâs see the improvements in the Mailings tab. This is where you can create labels and envelopes. This also lets you access the Mail Merge feature. This particular feature will let you create customized emails or letters for your mailing list from a form letter. Using the Mail Merge feature is easy. You just need to follow the buttons in the taskbar from left to right. Then, a list will pop and that will ask what you want to do with the merge. Note that you can only use this feature if you set Outlook 2016 as you default email client. Both the Word and Outlook must also be the same version to do this.

Searching Within the App

When working with a complex document and you donât want to leave the application because you might get confused, that is hard when you are using the previous version of MS Word. If you have encountered this situation, this is the perfect time for you to celebrate.

The new version of MS Word now comes with a Smart Lookup feature. The dictionary in the app has already been replaced with a search window which will appear when you select this feature. Bing powers this search feature. So, it is pretty much like a browser within the app. It can provide you with related websites such as images, definitions, wiki links, etc. All of the search results could be a drag in the document and automatically provide the right citation.

Focusing on Collaboration

When your team is working on a project, it would be much easier if all of you can co-author on the same file in real-time. That is exactly what MS Word 2016 can offer. When you are already set on OneDrive, the documents that you are working with will automatically be saved in the cloud. So, if you let other to co-author in your document using the Share tab, they can see the progress in real-time, and they can also edit the same file.

Another added collaborative tool in the app is the Skype for Business. This feature in the app allows you to chat with your co-authors. Just click the Skype button near the happy face at the top right corner of the app. There will also be a comment section on the ribbon. This is where other authors can put their comments on the file you are working. You can reply to this comment and then mark them as completed.

Now, to see the full progress in the document, go to the Activity pane in a similar location as the Skype button. If you see the clock there, that will make it. This feature will allow you to see the changes raised in the documents with the earlier versions.

System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

A. MS Word 2016 Home and Student edition

  • 2GB RAM
  • 1 GHz processor
  • 3 Gig of available disk space
  • Minimum 1280p x 800p screen resolution
  • Windows 7 SP1 operating system or above (Works best on latest operating system)
  • Latest versions of browsers
  • Preferred 4.5 LCR or at least .Net 3.5
  • Microsoft account with OneDrive

B. MS Word 2016 Pro edition

The requirements in MS Word Pro version are somewhat similar to Home and Student. You might just need higher specs for other features. It might also be more convenient if you use a touchscreen computer.

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