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Microsoft Windows 8.1 (Single License) . Instant Download

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Microsoft Windows 8.1 (Single License)

Includes 24 hour tech support

Instant Download


Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional, being an upgrade to the later Windows 8 version, has more up-to-date behaviors when you run it on your computer. The features that Microsoft has promised and has begun in Windows 8 was fully realized when they launched the Windows 8.1. It also features some conveniences when it comes to the touch-first streamlined user interface.

Windows 8.1 takes up lesser space.

Windows 8.1 introduces additional new features, but luckily, it takes up much lower space when compared to the late Windows 8 version. Microsoft has also said that the footprint by the Windows 8.1 is significantly smaller compared to Windows 8 which will give you about 8 to 15 percent of more storage space on your computer.

Supercharged and smarter Search option.

For the Windows 8 operating system, Microsoft already boasts its ease of search in just typing at the Start screen where you can quickly search for settings, apps, contents, and search on the web. The Search option for the Windows 8.1 is even better, however.

Windows 8.1 features the new Smart Search option that is powered by Bing. When you do a search on your desktop, the results are organized in a visually driven page that arranges basic facts, photos, links, and maps if it is applicable. This creates an orderly table of information which was just a sloppy pile before.

Automatic App Updates

While the later operating system versions from Microsoft were time-consuming and a little bit annoying when it comes to applications updates, the Windows 8.1 is far from it.

With Windows 8.1, you donât have to bother with the pop-ups screaming to update an individual app you have. All the updates on your computer will be in the background, and it will also happen automatically whenever an update on a certain app is necessary.

The mail feature on Windows 8 was quite necessary but has its upgrades on the Windows 8.1. There are now shortcuts towards your now VIP-style inbox where emails are grouped through your favorite contacts, flagged emails, and other inbox folders.

Shared Desktop Background

With the Windows 8.1, you can now have your Start screen a shared desktop background. Although this might seem just a minor feature, it can be quite convenient in making the modern user interface seem a little user-friendly.

Windows 8.1 creates the possibility of viewing two different apps on your screen at once. However, the other app will have a tiny strip or the divider line which you can drag to adjust the space a certain line occupies on the screen.

New Applications

The Windows 8.1 also introduces a couple of new applications which includes the Food And Drink and the Reading List.

The Food And Drink is kind of a recipe application where you can make your recipes and use a webcam to take a photo of a recipe in a book or use it as a portal where you can search recipes online.

The Reading List is a list of bookmarks but has the advantage of its Share Charm which will allow you to share any content to the Reading List from the web and from other apps that support it.

System Requirements

Recommended system requirements for Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro are as follows:

  • RAM: 1 GB for 32 bit, 2 GB for 64 bit
  • Processor: 1 GHz or faster and with support for NX, PAE, and SSE2
  • 16 Gb for 32 bit, 20 GB for 64-bit hard disk space
  • Graphics Card: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device and with a WDDM driver

Some additional system requirements are also required to access certain features.

  • 1024 x 768 screen resolution and an active internet connection are required to access Windows Store to download and run apps.
  • A tablet or a multi-touch supported monitor is needed to use touch.
  • DirectX 10 or much higher graphics card for optimum performance for some games and programs.
  • USB flash drive or a Trusted Platform Module or TPM 1.2 is required to access the BitLocker to go.
  • Windows Media Center license which is sold separately.
  • TV tuner is needed for playing and recording the live TV in the Windows Media Center.
  • 64-bit system with a second level addresses translation or SLAT capabilities and an additional 2 GB of RAM are required for the Client Hyper-V.
  • Internet TV content might require some additional fees depending on the geography.
  • Microsoft account is needed for features like Sky Drive, Store apps, and many others.
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