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Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Datacenter. Instant Download

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Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Datacenter

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The Microsoft Windows Server 2012 is a definite upgrade with an array of new features and enhancements compared to the next Windows Server 2008 R2.

More Secure Multitenancy

In the Windows Server 2008, some solutions to the issue of data security have been answered by isolating two virtual machines by using the server utilization. However, the network layer of the data center might not be entirely isolated.

This issue was addressed in the Windows Server 2012 where the server utilization covers the machines as well as the network layer of the data center. This gives you the ability to create restriction access to the virtual machine and isolating the data storage and system at the same time.

Windows Server 2012 also features PVLAN or Private Virtual Local Area Network capability which was not included in the 2008 server. This can isolate the virtual machines over the network but still, makes the resources from the public network available.

DHCP and Router Guard Feature

The DHCP or the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol can allow devices to communicate with your IP network, but it doesnât allow any authentication which in turn makes way for attacks.

With the DHCP guard feature in the Windows Server 2012, it disconnects those DHCP servers that are unauthorized making you protected from unwanted DHCP servers trying to connect to your network.

The Router Guard feature available in Windows Server 2012 also gives more security and authorization checking for virtual machines.

Hyper-V Extensible Switch

The Hyper-V Extensible Switch is an exclusive feature for the Windows Server 2012. This creates an open platform that allows plug-ins installations from the third party developers. This gives choices in extending the capabilities of the network and the virtual machines to gain functionality without the need to code it yourself.

Higher Capacity Servers

With the Windows Server 2012, there is even a much higher capacity servers. You can now be able to configure up to 320 logical processors from the 64 available before. From 1 terabyte of physical memory, you can now have up to 4 terabytes and 64 virtual processors from the four available before.

High Availability Levels

The Windows Server 2012 has ensured its elevated levels of availability by minimizing the cost and size of disk space, backups, and the network bandwidth use. The disaster recovery plan and the solution are also made easier which allows it to recover business functions in just a couple of minutes.

High levels of availability for Windows Server 2012 is also possible through the minimizing the chances of the network failure, enabling the access to the service side applications to protect from downtime, and securing physical devices through the encryption of cluster volumes.

Hyper-V Network Virtualization

While the Windows Server 2008 used VLANs in isolating networks, the Windows Server 2012 is now using the Hyper-V Network Virtualization. This allows moving the virtual machines whenever you need to without having to worry about the hierarchical IP address across the virtual machines.

This eliminates the need of having new hardware like appliances, switches, and servers.

Improved Live Migration

While Live Migration is already in the Windows Server 2008, it is made better in Windows Server 2012. Live migration allows the moving of live machines from a VM to another without any downtime.

While there was a limit to a cluster in the live migration in Windows Server 2008, there is none of that in the new OS. Live migration in Windows Server 2012 also allows it to be done simultaneously.

System Requirements

System requirements for the Windows Server 2012 are relatively low compared to the later version of Windows Servers.

Minimum hardware requirements for installing Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Datacenter edition are as follows:

  • Processor Support: 64-bit x 64 CPU architecture
  • Speed: 1.4 Gigahertz (GHz) CPU clock rate
  • Memory Requirement: 512 Megabyte (MB) RAM
  • SSD or Hard Disk Space: 32 Gigabyte (GB) or higher disk capacity (servers which have more than 16 GB RAM requires more disk space for hibernation, paging, and dump files)

Recommended hardware requirements for installing Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Datacenter edition are as follows:

  • CPU: Dual Intel Xeon E5-2690
  • Memory: 256 Gigabyte (GB) or higher
  • Operating System Drive: 480 Gigabyte (GB) SSD RAID 10 or better

Recommended hardware requirement values are ideal compared to the minimum values to make sure you get the optimum performance.

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