Windows Small Business Server 2011 Premium Instant Download

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Introduction: All you need to know about the all new Windows small business server 2011 Premium

Clearly distinguished and enhanced for various capabilities is the all new Windows Small business server 2011 Premium, which is a signature product from the world famous and much applauded software giant, Microsoft. Microsoft has been very well known and awarded for its strides in the world of technology and its development. The people at Microsoft, take a keen and deep hearted interest and initiative to enhance and innovate the world of technology in a way that can make any other substitute company sweat. With every product release, Microsoft has offered a stark innovation and development in the field of information technology that can hardly be missed or substituted.
In the same sense, Microsoft has come up with Windows Small business server 2011 Premium, a sophisticated and advanced way to use the networking capabilities of your organisation and reap the maximum gains from your efforts and resources. Be a part of innovation at Microsoft, which is leading the world and many information technology users all over the world. This ideal server solution determines the best possible features and solutions to solve and amend the way things have been done at your place often. Now bring the technology of Microsoft in your organisation and home and experience the change!

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What are the features of the all new Windows Small business server 2011 Premium?

If you want an easy to use and progress server management system for your organisation, then Windows Small business server 2011 Premium is the way to go. Although many of its core features are closely in resemblance to its earlier counterparts, you will find a host of new features imbibed in the Windows Small business server 2011 Premium, which makes it the perfect addition to your organisationâs set of resources. For even a small size organisation or a company, this update can offer major advancements to the way you have been conducting your business until now. Find new modes to share information, collaborate and make the most of your organisations resources. Read below to find out the features of the all new Windows Small business server 2011 Premium:

  1. Sharing: Windows Small business server 2011 Premium has been built around extensive sharing features, the central role of this update, which allows users to share documents and files from central locations as well. This makes the task of computing quite simple and easier for employees and people who share a network.

  2. Maintain files: Now, with the Windows Small business server 2011 Premium, you can recover your files and create and automatic backup of the files in the rare case that they are lost accidentally. With this feature, an organisation gets immense support and assurance about file protection and also helps the organisation recover easily from an accidental situation.

  3. Access: Now a user or employees on a system can access and organise various business information from their office or from remote locations, which makes the task of organisation and management quite simple and easy.

  4. Software support: Windows Small business server 2011 Premium helps a user to run supported applications and software in conjunction with existing hardware platform so that he can get complete support and convenience of using his resources.

  5. Support: The Windows Small business server 2011 Premium has been designed to remain in concurrence with existing software and applications so that a user does not have to undergo a lot of updates while making use of Windows Small business server 2011 Premium.

System Requirements

Hardware requirements

  • Processor: 2 GHz 64 bit (x64) and 1 socket

  • Physical memory: Minimum 4 GB, 32 GB maximum

  • Disk space: 60 GB

  • DVD drive: 1

  • Network adapter: One supported Ethernet adapter

  • Monitor and video adapter: Super VGA monitor and video adapter with 1024x 768 or higher resolution

Network devices: One router that should support IPv4 NAT or IPv6

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