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TrendMicro provides protection against identity theft, cyber criminals, ransomware, and viruses among other online threats. This allows you to play, shop, work, share and bank safely. Remember, you have to create a TrendMicro account when installing TrendMicro (1 user / 3 years) for the first time.


1. Ransomware protection Cybercriminals including malware coders rake in cash by developing and distributing ransomware. Itâs usually an instant payoff not like stealing credit card numbers and selling them on the black market. In most cases, PC-based ransomware encrypts your important documents and the coders make you pay to unlock your files using a decryption key. This is the main reason why TrendMicro has a strong focus on protection against ransomware. The Folder Shield feature foils these attacks by preventing unknown applications from modifying the documents folder. It protects the entire documents folder (including its subfolders) by default. Therefore, if you keep important documents and files in other folders, you should consider moving those files into the documents folder.

2. Antiphishing Phishing URLs are more deceptive than malware URLs because they masquerade as eBay, bank, PayPal or online gaming sites. They usually try to trick targets into entering their login details. If you enter your login credentials the fraudsters clean out your account. As soon as the fraudsters have scammed a few unsuspecting targets, they take down the website and pop up other sites. TrendMicro (1 user/3 years) offers excellent antiphishing that helps keep your identity and money safe.

3. Maximum security TrendMicro offers protection for your device (PC, iOS or Android device). It gives you a password manager and online storage scanning and a browser for secure online banking. It also gives you an innovative mobile tracker for lost devices (tablets and smartphones).

4. Excellent customer support Besides the wide range of support options available for paid users, such as 2/7 live chat, and remote access, the TrendMicro website has helpful information and FAQs on viruses, cyber-attacks and threat removal. This is all in a bid to make customers understand the benefits of their purchase. If the solution is not on their helpful website, then itâs probably in the discussion forums.

5. Social markup Nowadays, many people get their news via social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook where Facebook itself suggest links and friends pages post links to numerous things. But what if someoneâs page has been taken over by cyber criminals? What if some of the links are bogus? What if a friend has shared a malicious link unknowingly? TrendMicro (1 user / 3 years) automatically highlights different types of links on social media; red for dangerous, gray for untested, yellow for iffy and green for safe. Therefore, you should not click any link that isnât green (safe). Moreover, each link displays an icon that pops up when pointed to. The pop up explains the rating so you can understand why it is safe, potentially unsafe or outright dangerous.

6. Firewall booster Although TrendMicro does not include a firewall, it offers a component known as Firewall Booster that is designed to detect even the most sophisticated botnets. Therefore, you can browse and work in peace because the booster component and the web protection system will block all dangerous exploits.

7. Spam filter Although most email providers filter spam for their clients, some built-in spam filters may be outdated. This is the main reason why TrendMicro includes a unique spam filter. This feature integrates with Microsoft outlook, windows mail and windows live mail. This component cannot be used with a different email client because its configuration takes place in the toolbar during installation. It filters both Exchange and POP3 mail.

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Trend Micro Titatnium Internet Security (3 PC / 1 Year)
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